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Here is a book review that I have written to be used as a practice for pod casting today. Feel free to use this script to practice recording on Audacity.

Book Review for ‘The Cat in the Hat’
This classic book is written by the famous Dr. Seuss. Though a very well known book today it was originally written as a result of a challenge. Theodore Gisel was asked to write a book using only 225 "new-reader" vocabulary words. The tall cat with his red and white striped hat comes to visit Sally and her older brother while their mother is away. He, along with his ‘thing 1’ and ‘Thing 2’ completely destroy their house, but manage to get it back together just before Sally’s mother returns.
This book is fun to read aloud because of all the rhyming words and the silly antics of the cat and the angry goldfish. A great book to use when learning how to read. Guaranteed to make you laugh.