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Below you will the template for your project and the web sites to use to complete the project.constitution_signing.jpe.jpeg

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Bill of Rights Rap

Research of Your Chosen Amendment:

First Amendment:

Court Case on flag burning

Right to assemble - Occupy Miami

Freedom of the Press

Separation of Church and State

Fourth Amendment:
Drug testing

Evidence from illegal search

Search of student's purse

Fifth Amendment:
Eminent domain for economic growth

The right to a lawyer


Eighth Amendment:
Cruel and Unusual Punishment
Second hand smoke

Excessive fines - bail charges
Cruel and unusual punishment - death penalty

This site is to used for the first two questions
Describe the amendments

Tour the Supreme Court

Supreme Court audio website
Recent hearing on Gun Control Amendment

Amendment games:

Life without Rights

Matching game

Flash cards

First Amendment quiz

Bill of rights game