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Below you will find the directions to complete a graph using this online tool.

Create a Graph Instructions
1. Open the Graphing web tool
2. Select Line Graph
3. Select Legend and set to –no legend-
4. Click on the Data Tab
5. Type in a Title for your graph Example: in 6_ class
6. In the Source box type your first and last name.
7. Type in a Label for the X – Axis Example: Number of Pets
8. Type in a Label for the Y-Axis Example: Frequency
9. Add Item labels Example: Item One = One Pet, Item Two = Two Pets, etc…
10. In the Value column add the correct numbers.
11. Select Preview to see if your graph is displaying properly
12. Personalize the graph using the color, font and size options in the Design, Data and Label tabs
13. Select Print/Save Tab14. Click on download
14. Select JPG for file format
15. Click Download Tab
16. In dialog box click SAVE
17. Click on MY COMPUTER
18. Click on your account
19. Click SAVE at the bottom of the box.